Project Description

  • Southport

  • LED and lighting controls installation

A lighting system replacement project for Mail Order Online Ltd which resulted in huge benefits for the online retailer. Prior to our work, the company’s warehouse in Southport had high-energy consuming low output metal halide (MH) lighting.

MH lighting has major drawbacks when it comes to energy efficiency, lamp life and light output. These type of luminaires have high energy consumption, extremely long warm up periods to reach optimum brightness, suffer from lamp degradation and are expensive to maintain. When used to illuminate a large space like a warehouse, it can take up to 15 minutes to reach full brightness which means the lighting needs to be left permanently on throughout business hours. This results in energy being wasted in areas of non occupation.

The type of LED used in this project resolved these issues. As LED luminaires can be switched on and off instantly, the lighting incorporated occupancy and daylight detectors which switch the lighting off in racking aisles when there is no activity and dimming or switching off the luminaires individually when there is adequate daylight. The lighting installed also has a much longer life-span than MH lights and do not emit polluting radiation, making them safer and better for the environment.

By replacing the client’s MH lighting with LED luminaires, they benefited from huge reductions in energy costs. The work was also carried out through Carbon Trust funding to help the client save further costs on their energy spend. This meant that Mail Order Online has the capability to recoup the funds expended in their investment within a very short period.