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Fire Alarm Equipment

We are able to offer conventional and addressable Fire Alarm Systems, with a wide range of equipment to reduce the risk of fire damage. Konect are able to supply advanced fire protection in the way of automatic fire detection systems, automatic extinguishing, substantial physical compartmentation. In addition emergency lighting is installed as part of our services to BS5266

Types Of System


Depending on your type of building and your processes within the building, fire alarm systems need to be designed, installed and need to function correctly and immediately in the event of an emergency. A average size building may find a conventional system is suitable for the owner or occupiers needs. A conventional system will activate on discovering a fire threat and by dividing the system into separate zones the user can quickly identify the approximate area of the fire and react quickly, this type of system is suitable for small buildings and areas of lower risk.


Addressable fire alarm systems are more precise and each device is given a unique address which is programmed into the fire alarm panel this allows in the event of a fire for an exact location to be identified and in doing so allows a more swift response to deal with the threat. An addressable fire alarm system is more suited to a larger buildings, Schools, Care Homes and Hospitals or environments that in the event of a fire a precise location is needed and the panel will identify you exactly where the emergency is.

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