Energy bills can be one of the major expenses for a business, and lighting is likely to be a large proportion of that expense. However, upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED lighting can provide considerable cost savings, reducing those energy bills.

If your warehouse currently has lighting such as:

  • fluorescent tubes,
  • halogen flood lights
  • Metal Halide Low or High Bays

Then your lighting is not as efficient as it could be, meaning your costs and carbon footprint will be high. One of the benefits to LED lighting is that it can be a simple switch from any of these inefficient solutions, causing you less stress while saving your business money.

Not only can switching your warehouse lighting to LED lighting save you money on your energy bills, it can also save your business money through reduced maintenance costs. LED lighting can be maintenance free for up to 70,000 hours, whereas incandescent lighting only lasts for up to 8,000 hours maintenance free.

An added benefit of switching your warehouse lighting to LED lighting is the impact on your carbon footprint as energy efficient lighting is a contributor on a BREEAM assessment. Reducing your carbon footprint can also help boost your employee engagement, as they will be happier especially if being eco-friendly is part of their core personal values.

When you are looking at the design and installation process, one of the things to consider is working with a company who can offer an end-to-end solution, keeping things as simple as possible for you. By designing the right lighting system for your warehouse, you can ensure that you maximise cost savings and ensure your new lighting system stands the test of time.

The exact cost savings your business can make from switching to LED warehouse lighting depends on your current lighting system and the size of your warehouse and your specific usage, however upgrading your warehouse lighting will save your business money regardless of your circumstance. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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