Electricity is an integral part of the day to day running of an organization, whether it is lighting the offices, or running computers, through to powering equipment or keeping the office at the right temperature, it is important to keep your electrical systems up and running. Should any part of your electrical system fail, you could quickly find your business unable to operate to its full capacity until you have those systems up and running again. Electrical maintenance can often be perceived as an unnecessary expense and can be easily overlooked with other matters taking priority, however there are many benefits to ensuring your electrical systems are properly looked after.


Electricity provides businesses with safety for your team, yourself and your visitors. Should there be a fire in the building, your electrical system will warn everyone to leave immediately, so if there is a fault with that system, it can literally be a case of life or death. Electrical fires are one of the biggest threats to commercial businesses, and therefore regular maintenance of systems can help to prevent minor faults, that could easily be fixed, becoming a dangerous hazard for anyone in the building.

Legal obligations:

Insurance providers will require you to regularly check and maintain your electrical systems to reduce the risk of there being an electrical fire, which would cause damage to property and cause you to claim on your insurance policy, therefore costing them money. In the case of there being an electrical fire, you will need to provide evidence that the electrical systems have been properly maintained and looked after in order for your insurance company to cover the costs of any damage.

Financial implications:

Although it may seem like an unnecessary cost to undertake regular maintenance of your electrical systems, the cost if you fail to do so could be much higher. Regularly checks will pick up any minor issues before they get any worse, usually while they are still cheaper to fix. The longer the issue goes on for and the worse it gets, the more it will cost to fix when it finally does get picked up.

Should there be an electrical fire or an accident where you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, your premiums will go up, costing you and your business more money.

Another cost to your business through lack of electrical maintenance is through loss of productivity, should one of your systems fail that is integral to the running of your business i.e. operating machinery or equipment.

All of this could be avoided through regular maintenance of your commercial electrical systems, giving you and your business peace of mind. Electrical maintenance should cover:

  • Fixing component failures
  • Minimises breakdowns
  • Replace broken sockets
  • Identify faulty electrical circuits
  • Water damage
  • Wear and tear
  • Re-lamping

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