The Quality Policy of Konect Electrical Services Ltd & Ozone Lighting Ltd is –

  •   To establish and maintain a Quality Management System which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and any other Client specific quality requirements.
  •   To consistently provide products and services in a manner which will satisfy Client requirements in all respects.
  •   To implement appropriate actions to address any risks and opportunities associated with internal / external issues, and to meet the needs and expectations of interested parties.
  •   To ensure all Company personnel are fully competent to carry out their assigned task.
  •   To strive to continually improve our services provided to Clients, through the use of this Quality Policy, quality objectives, performance evaluation including audit results, corrective actions and at Management Review.
  •   To establish annual quality objectives at strategic and operational levels within the Company, that will be measured and reported upon at the management review meeting.
  •   To maintain documented information as objective evidence to demonstrate compliance with the Quality Management System.
  •   To control & continually monitor all projects undertaken.
  •   To comply as a minimum with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  •   To review the Quality Management System at planned intervals to ensure it is effective and achieving the stated quality policy.The Directors are fully committed to the above and actively encourage a similar commitment by personnel at all levels of the Company.This Quality Policy is evaluated as part of the overall review of the Quality Management System to ensure its stated objectives are met.

    By signing this Quality Policy, the Managing Director gives his approval to the Quality Management System described in this manual and in supporting Company processes.

    K. Oultram

    Managing Director SIGNED: – K.Oultram

    DATE: – Aug 2018
    This Quality Policy is displayed at the Head Office and is available to all personnel including visitors and contractors. All employees are encouraged to read it and communicate any query to a Director.